FreeBitcoin is selling FUN token is introducing Premium Membership with considerable benefits to users by utilizing the FunFair (FUN) token to power the program. As a user, you should upgrade not just for the Premium benefits but also to participate in the sheer scale of the impact’s utilization shall have on the token’s value, making it a tempting prospect for all users.

All you need to do is buy FUN tokens and hold them in your account to get the benefits. The longer you hold the tokens, the greater the benefits will be!

6 Reasons why you should Upgrade to Premium today!

  • users can earn up to 1% cashback on Multiply BTC and Betting wagers
  • users can get up to 16 Wheel of Fortune Free Spins daily to Win a Rolex or $15,000 in Free BTC. Guaranteed winnings on each spin!
  • users earn interest on their BTC balance. With Premium Membership, you can unlock up to 25% Interest Boost on your Bitcoin Deposits.
  • With the potential benefits and the size of the user base, the value of the FunFair token could skyrocket
  • The Loyalty Program starts on March 15, but you can buy tokens now to get in early and maximize your earnings
  • will charge users a 1% Trade Fee to buy the FUN Token from Earn 50% of Trade Fee from referral purchases of FUN Token from

FUN is FunFair’s native cryptocurrency token which powers every aspect of the FunFair technology ecosystem, from player bets, affiliate rewards, operator license fees, to developer rewards.The versatility of this token makes it an ideal candidate to power’s Premium Program.

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