Affiliate Program to gain money from your referrals

Hello everyone CryptoAddicted friends, today I would explain to you how you can take advantage from our Affiliate Program.

First of all, let me say why you should leverage on the Affiliate Program to increase your revenues from the faucet. For each referred user you’ll receive istantanelly the 25% of the reward of your referral. This means that when he/she claims and gains, for example, 300 satoshis, you’ll receive 75 satoshis without effortlessly. So, more referrals you have more you can gain from your and their claims. Now, how you can create your reflink? After you have claimed from the faucet, you’ll display in the summary section your referral link that basically will be: “”. At this point you can put this reflink on your blog, website, on your favorite forums, on facebook, twitter and any other social network. More you spread it and more probability you’ll have to intercept a new user that will be your referral. Another way is to use the Affiliate Program based on our banners. If you put our banner on your website you’ll have more visibility! About this, you can watch this video to learn how you can do.
HTH, CryptoAddicted team

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