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  • GameFi could be the answer to unemployment for some — Aussie game studio
    The executives say traditional jobs are increasingly at risk through factors such as automation, but GameFi can provide a viable alternative to earn a wage. Australian-based Web3 game studio Ninja Syndicate's CEO and founder believes GameFi could usher in a new era where users can earn a living wage through blockchain games.Speaking to Cointelegraph, founder […]
  • Web3 gaming still a long way from mainstream adoption: Survey
    In a survey commissioned by Coda Labs, 6,921 people from five countries were asked a series of questions to determine their perception of crypto, NFTs, and Web3 gaming. A new survey commissioned by blockchain entertainment provider Coda Labs suggests that despite the huge amount of money being poured into Web3 gaming, traditional gamers are still […]
  • Taliban had a ‘massive chilling effect’ on Afghan crypto market: Report
    Crypto value received in Afghanistan surged in the wake of the Taliban seizing power in August 2021, but crypto markets have flat lined under the regime. The Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan has had a “massive chilling effect” on the local cryptocurrency market, bringing it to an effective “standstill,” according to a recent report.Blockchain analytics firm […]
  • Near Protocol partners with Google Cloud to support Web3 devs
    Under a partnership with Near Protocol, Google Cloud will support Near developers in building and scaling their Web3 projects and DApps. Near Foundation has announced a new partnership between Google Cloud and Near Protocol, providing infrastructure for Near’s Web3 startup platform, Pagoda. According to an Oct. 4 announcement, this partnership will allow Google Cloud to provide […]
  • OpenSea to allow users to submit bulk NFT listings and purchases
    The company said that users can now list and buy up to 30 items in a single flow. OpenSea, the digital marketplace for crypto collectibles and nonfungible tokens (NFTs), announced in a series of tweets on Oct. 5 that the platform will officially allow its users to bulk list and bulk purchase up to 30 […]
  • US lawmakers request Justice Dept share CBDC assessment
    The House members claimed the “appropriate place for the discussion” on legislation concerning a digital dollar would be in the U.S. legislative branch. Republican members of the U.S. House Financial Services Committee have requested the Department of Justice provide its assessment and legislative proposals regarding a digital dollar within ten days.In an Oct. 5 letter […]
  • Three Arrows Capital's NFT collection to be liquidated
    As part of 3AC's bankruptcy proceedings, over 300 NFTs from Starry Night Capital were moved this week. Teneo, the liquidation firm in charge of the Three Arrows Capital (3AC) bankruptcy process, confirmed in a statement to Cointelegraph on Oct. 5 that it has custody of the NFTs moved from addresses related to Starry Night Capital, […]