This is the CryptoAddicted affiliate program to gain money from referrals!

Affiliate program and referral for new users to get additional income!

This is our affiliate program: every time your referred user claims from the CryptoAddicted Faucet, you will receive 10% to your balance.

In order to help you to have more referred users, you can put on your website or your blog the following banners (we can offer different formats to you) just coping  and pasting the script code.
Generate your referral code, following these steps:

1) Insert your bitcoin address wallet
2) Select your preferred advertising format
3) Select the border color that you wish to have
4) Click on the “Generate Banner” button
5) Copy and past the generated code on your site (as a HTML code)

And remember that your referral link is of this type:[BITCOIN ADDRESS]

You don’t have a website and you just want to share your referral link on Facebook and Twitter? Read more on the “Share your referral link on social network” post.