CryptoAddicted Bitcoin Faucet: Decreasing payout threshold!

New payout threshold has been set to 45,000 satoshis.

The CryptoAddicted team decided to decrease the payout threshold from the current 50,000 satoshis to 45,000!

We are then considering also to continue to decrease the payout threshold during the firsts months of the new year 2018 until reaching the value of 40,000. This will happen only according to certain conditions. Read them below.

What advantages will you have

This change comes into force immediately and this means that many of you are already eligible to be paid at the end of this week with a faucet balance equal to or greater than 45,000 satoshis.

Unlike many other faucets, we always come across and we guarantee you to be paid before. Others have not lowered the payout threshold, but in the last year they raised it.

Payout Threshold: make these actions

Conditions to further lower the payout threshold

Do you want to decrease the payout threshold from 45,000 to 40,000 satoshis? Please, make these actions:

  • increase of the users;
  • how many times you share your reflink on the social network. Read more clicking here;
  • how many blog posts and pages you share on social network;
  • increase the friends you invite. For this use the Affiliate Program;
  • how long you spend on the site;

So, if all of you want to be paid before, we ask you to give us a hand, proceeding as soon as possible with what is stated in the above points.


CryptoAddicted team

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