CryptoAddicted is now also a provably fair lottery

Have you heard about the CryptoAddicted Provably Fair Lottery?

CryptoAddicted offer is now enriched with a new amazing feature! It includes not only a Bitcoin Faucet, a Blog, an Affiliate Program and an Utilities section, but now includes also a Provably Fair Lottery!

Join the Lottery!

Buy one or more tickets from the CryptoAddicted Lottery by scaling the ticket price directly from your CryptoAddicted Faucet balance.

Each ticket costs only 100 satoshis and you can buy all the tickets you want up to your balance amount.


The extraction will take place on the sale of 50,000 tickets.

Provably Fair Lottery

For each purchased ticket, you have:

  • 0,002% of probability to win 1° prize
  • 0,006% to win at least one of the prizes!

Go to the Lottery page to have more information! Click the below button.

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