Double Bitcoins on CryptoAddicted Faucet

Double Bitcoins when you claim!

For a long time, the CryptoAddicted Bitcoin Faucet was supplying only a fixed amount of bitcoins, equal to 5 satoshis. To meet the needs of our loyal visitors and new ones, the CryptoAddicted team decides to giveaway Double Bitcoins, increasing the faucet payout from 5 satoshis to 10 satoshis per claim!

But to make it more enjoyable to stay on our website, we also decided to return to a formula used in the past, that is to assign a percentage of probability to receive a prize or another.

In the past, this mode was very complicated, providing many different prizes compared to different percentages. Now, instead, the team will only offer two prizes:

  • 5 satoshis with a probability of 70%
  • 10 satoshis (the Double Bitcoins) with a 30% chance

SO, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? DON’T YOU LIKE MONEY? I think so, for this reason, go to the CryptoAddicted Bitcoin Faucet.

We then received many emails from users asking us to make a brave choice, to increase the faucet prize, even if the BTC / USD exchange rate is increasing, although this meant a reduction in the percentage of the affiliate program. In fact, many of our users do not have many referrals and prefer to make direct claims to ensure the maximum possible profit. We can only agree fully with you!

How to claim on the Crypto Faucet?

In the past, the team published a very useful post on this topic, to give a guideline for expert users with other faucets or in case of users who approached the faucets for the first time.

Let give you the “What is a Bitcoin Faucet” link to read more about the topic.  

A lot of other crypto faucets are ready for you.

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CryptoAddicted team

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