Earn from your crypto savings with Binance Exchange

Binance (Binance Exchange) is the largest cryptocurrency exchange worldwide, by giving the possibility to trade a huge amount of crypto including latest and most promising. You can directly buy the preferred cryptocurrency through a long list of fiat currency (not only USD or EUR), often by exploiting Binance promos. This platform provides also a very interesting one-stop investment solution, perfect to be covered by usual cryptocurrency volatility and earn while you sleep! The Binance Earn section offers flexible terms, fixed terms and high-risk products. Within any investment option, you can get an interest on amount of crypto you used to subscribe to the investment product. The interest is showed as APY (Annual Percentage Yield), it varies according crypto used for the investment and risk associated. Within this article, we just want to introduce you the lowest risk investment services made available by Binance, under the mentioned before Flexible Terms.

Flexible Savings to earn on more than 50 cryptocurrencies
No lock-in! On Binance Exchange you can transfer your crypto and earn based on APY specific for the crypto, with flexibility to return crypto in your wallet to freely use them anytime.
To keep in mind: 1) The interest amount is calculated and distributed on a daily base. 2) There is No interest on the day of subscription. The interest is calculated the next day.
Start to earn interests on Flexible Savings!

Launchpool to earn promising tokens
According new crypto project promoted via Binance Exchange, you have the possibility to earn project tokens by staking selected cryptos. Most of the times BNB and BUSD.
To keep in mind: 1) APY can vary on hourly base. 2) Tokens can be earned only during farming period. 3) Earnings are limited by token total reward supply.
Start to earn tokens via Launchpool!

Vault to earn multiple times
By staking BNB, the native Binance coin, you can subscribe to the BNB yield aggregator known as BNB Vault. It combines different investment products using BNB (e.g. Flexible Savings and Launchpool) by providing an APY returns for each of them.
To keep in mind: 1) All Rewards will be distributed directly to Binance wallet 2) By staking BNB within BNB Vault does not mean to access the maximum APY for BNB, available within by Binance.
Start to earn from multiple ways with BNB Vault!

Please note that any investment is at your own risk, this article aims to highlight opportunities made available within crypto ecosystem. Stay tuned!

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