Bitcoin Faucet Statistics

CryptoAddicted Bitcoin Faucet Statistics

Your personal Bitcoin Faucet statistics

Have you already claimed your free satoshis? ….. Very well, here you can insert your Bitcoin Address and then click the “Check” button to display some useful information on your personal Bitcoin faucet statistics as:

  • your balance amount;
  • your seniority level to be entitled to take advantage of the loyalty bonus;
  • how many claims you submitted today and your payout history list;
  • the total amount already paid to you;
  • the direct claims amount not yet paid;
  • the 25% referral claims amount not yet paid.

Then, if you have some referrals, you’ll display them in the bottom of the page.

To come back on the Bitcoin Faucet to claim again, click here.

Check your Bitcoin Address statistic

How to read the Bitcoin Faucet statistics chart

After you insert your bitcoin address and generate your statistics, you’ll display you statistics chart. 

The chart displays your last 30 days activities in terms of trend of your direct payout, trend of referral payout and trend of seniority payout. A total amount trend is displayed to include all the different way to earn from the CryptoAddicted Bitcoin Faucet.