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CryptoAddicted Dogecoin Faucet

CryptoAddicted Dogecoin Faucet allows you to claim free dogecoins every 10 minutes!
Before to claim, you have to register your Dogecoin Address on in order to receive your payments.
Please click on the “Get Your Free Dogecoin” button to request your coins.

If you haven’t a bitcoin address, please visit this page


This is a dogecoin faucet where you can claim free dogecoins every 10 minutes! As soon you have processed a claim correctly, you’ll receive your dogecoin amount directly and immediately on your wallet on FaucetHub.
Everytime you’ll claim from the faucet, you’ll receive a random amount according to the percentage displayed on the page. The average amount will vary depending on the DOGE/USD exchange rate and our advertising income. You’ll also receive a 10% referral bonus for each friend you present us and you’ll earn more based on the time you’ll visit this bitcoin faucet. Please refer to the BLOG to be always updated on the faucet news and the FAQ to learn more.

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