Search engine for things you can buy with Bitcoin

Spendabit is a search engine for things you can buy with Bitcoin. It helps you spend BTC across hundreds of Bitcoin-enabled stores and businesses.
Spendabit is the world’s first “Bitcoin Product Search Engine. Spendabit aggregates products from both large, established Bitcoin-enabled vendors — like, Newegg, and — as well as an enormous number of smaller merchants.

About Customers

You can start search now for things you can buy with Bitcoin:

About Merchants

The stores that publish their products on spendabit will be able to:

  • Direct more new and repeat customers to their site.
  • Catch customers the moment they enter a relevant search.
  • Target regions and custom categories to their preference.
  • Ensure that product listings stay fresh and accurate.

Spendabit’s Mission

Spendabit wants to bring Bitcoin to the masses and believes that an honest-money system, like Bitcoin, has world-changing potential. Spendabit can’t achieve this goal by itself, but it believes we can do our part by providing Bitcoin advocates, as well as the naysayers, demonstrable proof that Bitcoin has real-world value. Additionally, it wants to encourage existing users of Bitcoin to keep more of their economic activity in the ‘Bitcoin Economy’.

Need information about Spendabit Privacy Policy?

Entered search queries and associated information gathered during your usage of Spendabit may be maintained for internal use. We gather this information for purposes of improving future search results and your broader Spendabit experience, as well as for awarding our partners where appropriate.
All search data is considered confidential and will be kept in a secure environment. In some cases you may be given the option to provide your email address for purposes of receiving email notifications about new or related search results. You may elect to participate or you may decline this opportunity.
Spendabit uses cookies as an anonymous identifier to help us improve the relevance of search results and your Spendabit experience as well.

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