What is a HYIP: useful information to invest

What is a Hyip? We'll try to give you a clear explanation

A simple explanation

What is a Hyip? A High Yield Investment Program is a website that grants to you to earn a very high interests of your deposit funds. Generally, the Hyips require to you to send a deposit in Bitcoin or in US dollar and, after a specific period, they will return your money with a quantity of interest that can go from 0.1% to well over 10%.

How does they work?

There are several types of Hyip, the CryptoAddicted team has investigated on many of them.

  1. There are Hyips that pay interests hourly and you can withdraw this interest soon or just after 24 hours. Anyway, the deposit is bound for a certain period, generally 30 days.
  2. Other Hyips pay interests hourly that entirely cover your deposit. After several hours or some days, you’ll display on your balance the total amount of your deposit plus the interests
  3. There are also more classical Hyips, they require a constraint of a certain period and then, overcome it, you can withdraw both your deposit and interests at the same time

Commonly, they also guarantee a good commission if friends are presented, from 3% to 10%, and with different levels.

How a Hyip can pay so much money?

In general, they re-invest your money in exchange and trading operations, gain from advertising or invest in other activities also outside the cryptocurrency world.

But, all that glitters ain’t gold! A recursive sentence you can find in the web says: Beware of any kind of scam and pay attention every time you spend your money! If it’s too good to be true it probably is.

In more cases, they just use the money invested by the newest users to pay the interests of the oldest one! When this balance doesn’t grant a good margin, the admin will for sure close the Hyip… and the money of the most unlucky will be lost forever.

At the end, is it worth investing?

CryptoAddicted team deeply analyzed this type of investment and can say that it is worth at 55%.

Anyway, if you want risk your money, you can find on this link, “Handbook for safe investments on hyips”, some useful rules to avoid to lose your money and try to gain a something.

Looking for other types of investment?

Do you prefer a more safe investment without risks? Go on the CryptoAddicted Bitcoin Faucet, read the “What is a Bitcoin Faucet” post and use this Faucet List.

In case you want to have passive income without effort, you can choose the Cloud Mining.

Are you a HYIP?

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