Where I can spend my Bitcoin?

Now that I’ve bought or earned some cryptocurrency, where I can spend my Bitcoin?
Is this your question? Read on and you will have your answer.

This article aims to provide you with a useful list of online stores, in various parts of the world, that accept cryptocurrency.
These are interesting ecommerce that accept Bitcoin and in some cases also other cryptocurrencies. The stores are based in different parts of the world and some of them only ship to certain countries or groups of countries.


AWBSTORE is a reseller of Apple products (such as IPhone and MacBook) based in UK with a free shipping worldwide


SHOPINBIT is a reseller of electronics stuff (such as tablet and smartphones, hard disks, memory and so on) based in Germany and shipping in Europe, North America and some Asian countries.


WINE IN AMPHORA” is a wine shop that sells red wine, white wine, rosé, champagne and spirits based in Italy and shipping in all Europe.


OVERSTOCK specializes in the sale of forniture, decor, outdoor and more which ships all over the world.


EXPEDIA is leading of flight and apartment/hotel booking worldwide and accept Bitcoins since 2014.


NEWEGG is the leading tech-focused e-retailer in North America, with a global reach in Europe, South America, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.


CRYPTOADDICTED STORE powered by spring is an online retailer specialized in selling “funky” Bitcoin merchandise, such as T-shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs, hats, posters, and more.

Do you have an online shop that accepts Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? Write us on support@cryptoaddicted.biz to be included in the “Where I can spend my Bitcoin” list.
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