Faucets Fly to claim free coins

In this article we present one of the most promising crypto faucets currently online. His name is “Faucets Fly“!
This faucet allows you to request a variable amount of cryptocurrency for free. The only thing you have to do is to fill in the captcha and click the Roll & Win button to win FREE Faucet Tokens. The amount of tokens you get depends on the number you roll and will be paid out according to a payout table displayed on the website. You can come back and play every 10 minutes to win FREE Faucet Tokens each time!

Alongside this feature of the classic faucet, Faucets Fly also offers a number of other options to increase your earnings. Among these they mention:

  • the Offerwalls which is unlocked as soon as you reach “level 2”;
  • the Shortlinks. Solve the shortlinks and earn Tokens for every shortlink passed. You must solve one shortlink at the time, you can’t solve more than one shortlink at once. You can visit each shortlink daily, your views reset every day at 00:00;
  • the Paid to Click Ads. Visit listed websites in the “View Ads” page by clicking on the Visit button, then wait for the countdown to be credited. You have to visit one website at the time, otherwise you won’t be credited. Those websites can be visited once a day, after you visit all of them, you can visit them again after midnight;
  • the Tasks. Spread to the world the features of this faucet to earn extra money.

Speaking of levels, every time you unlock a new level you will see the value of your bonus roll increase by a multiplicative factor.

You can also have fun and try your luck with some classic but always trendy games:

  • the Dice Game, where you can multiply your Coins by playing a PROVABLY FAIR HI-LO game! Set a Bet Amount and click Roll over or Roll under to roll the dice and Mutiply your Coins;
  • the Coin Flip Game, where you can play Coin Flip Game and multiply your coins. Select your bet and try to predict winning with the;
  • the Scratch Ticket Game, where you can buy a ticket and scratch it to see if you won. Each ticket costs 100 coins and you can win up to 200 coins.
    There is also the possibility to invite your friends and get up to 30% of their earnings for as long as they are active on Faucets Fly.

The Contests section is really interesting. It allows you to significantly increase your earnings thanks to the competition with other users of the site through a Referrals Contest; Shortlinks Contest; Offerwalls Contest.

Furthermore, don’t forget the classic Lottery with a huge prize in case your ticket is extracted!

Always check the Achievements section to unlock new earnings that will add to your balance.

The minimum to be able to withdraw is 10,000 coins which you can convert into one of the 12 supported cryptocurrencies and which will be paid directly into your FaucetPay account. If you don’t have a FaucetPay account, you can create one for free clicking on this link: FaucetPay.

What else are you waiting for? Join for free and earn! Click now this link: Faucets Fly.

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