Payout threshold come back on 50000 without fees

50000 satoshis without fees

The vast majority of our users asked us repeatedly, on our social networks and by email, to come back to the old payout threshold of 50000 satoshis without fees.

After a careful discussion within the CryptoAddicted team, we have decided to please our users!

We understood the need of our users to get a reasonable income after their hard work and receive it without fees. In the last period, the blockchain commissions got down so it is natural asking for removing them. Many other bitcoin faucets have just decreased the fees, but we prefer to have a faucet without fees.

So, come to claim on the CryptoAddicted Bitcoin Faucet a lot of times to finally receive your reward!

Only hard work is rewarded!

Mandatory action!

In order to receive your payment according to the new threshold, you have to fill up the CryptoAddicted Form. You’ll get three benefit:

  1. Be qualified for the payment
  2. Receive a bonus as soon we check that all the tasks have been properly performed 
  3. Become a CryptoAddicted VIP and join many other bonus

We want to have active users that are happy to participate on our project and would always share it to their friends and parents. 

More people you will present us more money you’ll get!

Other ways to earn cryptocurrency

Don’t forget to use our Crypto Faucets list to get money from all the other faucets!

Consider to invest part of your bitcoin in Cloud Mining to get a passive income.


CryptoAddicted team

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