Free Trx Mining Farm

FREE TRX is an ambitious project dedicated to building the infrastructure for a truly decentralized Internet.
TRX, one of the largest blockchains, will provide great income to everyone with this project.
A lot of services are available to earn more Tron:

  • WELCOME BONUS 50 TRX (A one shot bonus to give you the welcome)
  • DAILY PROFIT 7% (According to the plan you want to purchase)
  • DAILY BONUS UP TO 10 TRX (Just one time a day. So make sure you access this faucet at least once a day)
  • EARN PTC | ADS (Watch advertising for 10, 15 or 20 seconds to get TRX and increase your amount)
  • REFERAL SYSTEM 15-2% (Referral system is a great opportunity to get passive earnings every day)
  • FAST PAYMENTS TRX (Benefit from the extreme speed of the Tron blockchain)

You don’t need to register an account with your user and password, you just need to use a TRX address and start to gain tokens. Automatically the internal mining system will increase a counter with the TRX you are earning.
To speed up the mining system on FREE TRX, you can use 5 different plans and improve your daily earnings. You can buy a plan by depositing a certain amount of TRX or using what you have earned so far.

There is also a Bounty System that allows to boost your earning by creating a post on Facebook, Twitter, VK and Telegram, by writing a post on your personal blog including your referral link and, the action that allows you to earn more, by creating a review video on YouTube channel or Facebook page and get paid for it.

Minimum payout amount is 10 TRX. Instead, maximum payout amount is 1000 TRX.

What are you waiting for? GO TO “FREE TRX” and start to earn!

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