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Dear CryptoAddicted readers, we want to make you easy find news about the cryptocurrency world, for this reason we display for you the NewsBTC press review with the last published articles.  

  • Bitcoin Just Saw A Key Technical Breakout: Big Reaction From Bulls Likely
    Bitcoin started a steady increase and broke the $9,300 resistance against the US Dollar. BTC is currently up close to 3% and it might continue to rise towards the $9,500 resistance. Bitcoin is gaining momentum and it recently broke the $9,300 resistance zone. The price traded to a new weekly high at $9,372 and settled […]
  • Economist Steve Hanke: Bitcoin Is Not a Currency, It’s a “Speculative Asset”
    If you have read Satoshi Nakamoto’s original white paper on Bitcoin, the likely takeaway is that BTC is a currency. Take the following excerpt from the conclusion of the white paper. “We have proposed a system for electronic transactions without relying on trust. We started with the usual framework of coins made from digital signatures, […]
  • Historically Low Volatility Has Caused Bitcoin’s Liquidity to Slide
    Bitcoin’s consolidation channel formed since the start of May has been narrowing ever since it was first established. The cryptocurrency is now trading sideways between $9,000 and $9,300, facing immense resistance at the upper boundary of this range. From a fundamental perspective, the benchmark digital asset has been seeing stagnating market health, with this being […]
  • Bitcoin’s “Intrinsic Value” Nears $13k — Here’s Why That’s Big for Bulls
    Bitcoin has performed extremely well since March’s lows, rallying over 150% from the $3,700 capitulation bottom. Even after a strong $1,200 retracement from the $10,500 highs, BTC is still one of the best-performing assets of 2020. Yet a crucial indicator suggests that Bitcoin is still intrinsically undervalued, boding well for the bull case. Related Reading: […]
  • US Senator: Digital Dollar Must Beat Bitcoin, Digital Yuan
    During a hearing on the potential introduction of a digital dollar, Senator Tom Cotton claimed whatever the United States comes up with, it has to “be better than Bitcoin.” He also asserts it must be better than China’s digital yuan, which is currently in its pilot phase in the country. If it doesn’t, the dollar’s […]
  • Three Signs That XRP Has Finally Found It’s Bear Market Bottom
    XRP continues to sink, as does the stomachs of investors who have held the altcoin as a loss for over two years running. All that loss and suffering could soon come to an end, due to a number of signals that could indicate the asset has finally found a bottom. Remembering The Ups and Downs […]
  • Bitcoin is on the Cusp of Printing a MACD Bull Cross as Stock Market Rallies
    Bitcoin was able to post a bullish reaction to its recent dip below $9,000, with its buyers sparking a rally that sent it as high as $9,300. Although this rally has not confirmed any type of notable technical breakout, it has helped shift some of the benchmark cryptocurrency’s technical indicators into the favor of bulls. […]
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