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Dear CryptoAddicted readers, we want to make you easy find news about the cryptocurrency world, for this reason we display for you the NewsBTC press review with the last published articles.  

  • Altcoins Are Encroaching On Bitcoin’s Dominance On Digital Payments
    Bitcoin has dominated the digital payments space for the longest time and continues to do so. However, this dominance is on the decline as more altcoins are being chosen as the preferred digital currencies for payments. This has mainly been due to cheaper fees resulting from network congestion when the price gets too high. Instead, […]
  • Cardano Hits Bottom? What You Should Consider Before Rushing Into ADA
    Cardano managed to enter the top 5 cryptocurrencies by market cap and take the number 4 position, not including USDT. The cryptocurrency has seen important appreciation in 24 hours (5%) and during the past week (25%) following an explosion in its ecosystem. Related Reading | Cardano’s Ecosystem Explodes, Why ADA Could Be Quick To Resume […]
  • Fidelity Says What We’ve Been Thinking: Countries & Central Banks Will Buy BTC
    Surprising the world, Fidelity predicts what Bitcoin’s game theory implies. It’s as Satoshi Nakamoto said, “It might make sense just to get some in case it catches on.” That’s the exact same conclusion that Fidelity reaches in its “Research Round-Up: 2021 Trends And Their Potential Future Impact” report. Take into account that Fidelity is a […]
  • Bitcoin Supply Shock: Only 12% Of BTC Supply Is On Exchanges Now
    Percentage of the Bitcoin supply on exchanges has dipped further down to 12% recently, as the supply shock continues to deepen. Just 12% Of Bitcoin Supply Is Now Held By Exchanges As pointed out by an analyst in a CryptoQuant post, the percentage of BTC supply stored on exchanges has now dropped down to just […]
  • OHM Holders Wake Up To Blood, How This OlympusDAO Whale Sank Its Price by 44%
    In 2021, Ethereum based OlympusDAO and its native token OHM exploded as the protocol onboarded new users seeking to leverage its high annual percentage yield (APY). At its peak, the price of OHM went from $330 to an all time high of $1,639, but the asset seems to be on a downward trend since October […]
  • The 5 Promising Blockchain Projects Leading The Way Forward For Decentralized Technology In 2022
    Cryptocurrencies had a dream run in 2021. From being treated as a fringe topic to becoming a potential disruptor of the traditional financial ecosystem, 2021 stood witness to the meteoric growth in the value of cryptocurrencies, as well as a significant change of momentum in terms of mainstream adoption and technological adoption. Between NFTs, metaverse, […]
  • Top 3 Metaverse Projects to Watch In 2022
    Facebook’s embrace of the metaverse has unleashed a world of new blockchain projects that merge the concepts of virtual reality, digital worlds and cryptocurrencies. The metaverse refers to computer-generated worlds where people can don avatars, explore, interact with other users, play games, create a business, buy and sell land and other assets. Metaverses took the […]