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Dear CryptoAddicted readers, we want to make you easy find news about the cryptocurrency world, for this reason we display for you the NewsBTC press review with the last published articles.  

  • Ethereum Price Dives To $2,000, Why Dips Remain Attractive
    Ethereum price took a major hit like Bitcoin and dropped over $350. ETH tested the $2,000 support and is currently attempting a fresh increase. Ethereum declined over 8% and broke the $2,200 support zone. The price is trading below $2,300 and the 100-hourly Simple Moving Average. There was a break below a key bullish trend […]
  • Bitcoin Price Crashes 8% and Wipes Weekly Gains, Dips Supported?
    Bitcoin price started a sharp decline after trading close to $45,000. BTC is down over 8% but the bulls seem to be active above $40,000. Bitcoin is showing a few bearish signs from the $44,699 high. The price is trading below $43,500 and the 100 hourly Simple moving average. There was a break below a […]
  • Why Are NFTs Bad? The Problem And Legal Issues
    Why Are NFTs Bad? This pressing question underscores today’s heated discussions around Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Despite the buzz, many investors are left grappling with unsellable NFTs, questioning their value and security. This article cuts through the noise to examine the critical issues and legal challenges surrounding NFTs. We navigate the complex NFT laws, dissect the […]
  • Whats With All The Mysterious Cryptocurrency Deaths
    In the crypto space, a concerning trend has emerged: the rise in cryptocurrency deaths. These incidents, ranging from crypto billionaires dying under mysterious circumstances to alarming reports of crypto murders, have captivated and concerned the entire community. This article aims to unravel the complexities behind these tragic events, focusing on the specific phenomenon of crypto […]
  • Ethereum Rises: ETH Remains Steady At Over $2,300 Amid Bull Market Expectations
    Recent patterns indicate that the impetus fueling Ethereum’s climb is far from diminishing, and the price trajectory of the cryptocurrency has shown resilience. Ethereum may not be as advanced as some of its L1 competitors, but it stands out from the crowd thanks to its large developer community, immense acceptance, and crucial role in DeFi […]
  • Ethereums Future: Will Ethereum Recover?
    In this exploration, we tackle the critical question: Will Ethereum recover? We’ll look at Ethereums future and analyze ETH’s present market status, potential for resurgence, the anticipated impact of the progress on Ethereum 2.0, and share expert price predictions. Will Ethereum Recover? Analysis The question “Will Ethereum recover?” depends on numerous factors. As of November […]
  • Crypto Market Experts Predict When Cardano (ADA) Price Will Cross $7
    Cardano (ADA) has had one of the best price gains this year, up by 137% from its price point of $0.2464 at the beginning of the year. Various predictions have come in on ADA’s future price trajectory as investors begin to wonder if the altcoin can continue to lead market gains. Changelly’s long-term forecasts indicate […]